An Integrated Approach to Marketing & Design

About IDG

Since 1981, IDG’s customer-focused, communications-driven design approach has provided our clients with exceptional comprehensive creative solutions at budget-friendly rates.

Integrated Approach

We believe our clients benefit most when we provide a wide range of services to create integrated marketing campaigns and communications programs.

By developing print materials ranging from corporate brochures and catalogs to targeted ads in relevant publications we can aid clients in developing a brand focused on their customers. By extending that to their website, outbound email campaigns, online ad campaigns and other new media, we can create fully-integrated marketing campaigns.

We can launch traditional direct mail campaigns and target the same recipients by email with a coordinated offering. We can develop an online contest or campaign which results in targeted printed marketing materials. And all of these materials share the same branding and creative appearance.

New and Traditional Media

Our roots are in producing fine typography, customer-focused print design and detailed pre-press production to ensure predictable results and control costs for traditional media. Our team’s programming background lets us create custom-coded websites for efficient and complete control on new media.

Print & Mail Management

IDG excels at efficient, cost-effective sourcing and coordination of print buying and direct mail management, from list management and procurement to postal discounts and personalization. Whether a direct mail postcard, a soft-cover book, an event promotion, or a catalog, we know how to do it right and at the right cost.